SIV Course

The SIV is primarily a Safety Training Course. This course is designed to know the glider’s limits and learn to avoid and recover from flight incidents. You will learn about your glider’s behavior and how to give correct inputs in different unstable situations. It’s a progression for solo pilots on their way to becoming advanced pilots. 
The course will be tailored to your individual needs and experience and the maneuvers will be introduced progressively. The four-day course will give you plenty of time to learn from other pilots and their flights, as well as your own. 

Duration: 4 Days.
Location: Bilaspur.

Full Stall.
90 Degree Spin.
How to open rescue.

It costs rs. 50,000/- which includes transportation from Hotel to Bir Billing and back to Hotel. And one should have own equipment to learn this course.                                

Course Fee Includes:
Instructor Fee.
Equipment charges during training.

Any Personal expanse.
Additional meal.

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